Etchells -- It's the One to Sail!

We're not far from New York City in Western Long Island Sound, and we have close racing, reasonable breeze, and super sailors.

Cunningham Wins US National Championship Held in Western Long Island Sound!

In a field of 25 Etchells, International Etchells Class Chairman Jim Cunningham and his all-star crew of Steve Hunt, Erik Shampain and Carrie Wiley bested the US National Championship, hosted by American Yacht Club in Rye, NY September 20-22. The win came on a tie with countback at 14 pts over oil chief George Francisco, sailing with Karl Anderson and Ezra Culver, and yacht designer Scott Kaufmann took third, sailing with Austen Anderson, Brian Kamilar and Gonzalo Ribero.

Sailing an amazing performance to arrive fourth overall, Corinthian team Lionheart, skippered by Steve Girling and sailing with Adrian Owles and Lars Osell took the podium over the 13 other Corinthian teams, with one of the two US Etchells Youth teams competing in the regatta arriving second place, led by Gordon Gurnell, with Chris Mason-Hing and Rachel Day aboard. Rounding out the top 3 were local legends, Don Dowd, Sandy Weil and Eric Dowd.

For a complete analysis, please see the full writeup and the full results.

To get a taste of what the sailing can be like, take a look at the video produced by Tim Wilkes Photography of the Atlantic Cost Championship held in May, 2019.

Final Wrapup video Atlantic Coast Championship 2018, held at American Yacht Club.

Though the season is wrapping up for 2019, a more complete local Fleet 1 calendar for the year, and including upcoming national and international events, can be found at Fleet 1 Sailing Season Calendar for 2019.

The Fleet is very competitive and always welcomes new sailors, experienced and less experienced. If you enjoy close racing of One Design, it's time to sail Etchells. Click Contact Us (under the Fleet 1 tab) and send a message to learn more...! We're always ready and willing to help get you started or to improve your game!

Want some quick tips on getting yourself going faster? Learn from the best sailors in the fleet who contributed ideas!

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Dennis Conner said, “Simply, the world’s best fleet”

From its inception, the Etchells class has enjoyed solid and steady growth with over fifty active fleets worldwide. Etchells sailors are enthusiastic and loyal supporters of their boat and class association. The class attracts some of the best-known names in yacht racing, including Dennis Conner, John Bertrand and Ken Read, who embrace the boat's handling characteristics as well as tactical nature of the pure one-design racing.

The Etchells is a fun, fast, simple, stable, and sleek racing sloop that can be sailed competitively and in comfort by three or four average-sized sailors. She can tack in 70 degrees and has a low wetted surface hull form that keeps moving in the slightest breeze. In 20+ knots it absolutely flies. The strict one-design principle of the class was established from the outset and is controlled by a strong, well-established and fully-administered class association. Control of the yacht's construction by the class association and ISAF ensure quality and uniformity of older boats as well as newer ones. It's trailerable, easy to maintain and light enough to dry sail; and Etchells hold exceptional resale value.

Fleet 1 in Western Long Island Sound is where this international class began. Skip Etchells, an enterprising boat builder from Greenwich, designed and built the boat in a yacht design competition sponsored by Yachting Magazine in 1965 to replace the Dragon as a three-man keelboat in the Olympics. His long and slender ‘Shillahah’ dominated her trial races! Despite the success of this sleek new design that performed like a dancer in heavy weather, the Soling was selected as the Dragon’s replacement.

In many ways, we owe a debt of gratitude for the boat not achieving her first goal. The class attracts some of the world’s best sailors, including many from American and Larchmont Yacht Clubs. It's time to join the fun!